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Masjid Fund

You can donate to our Masjid fund online via Paypal, or use the button below to download our printable donation form.
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Build a Mosque

Group goal: 300000.00 USD Raised: 60799.00 USD 20.27% Raised: 60799.00 USD 20.27%

The Billings Islamic Center is raising funds to build a place of prayer and community for Muslims in Billings, Montana and the surrounding area. We’re a community of dozens of families, university students, and countless others, and we need a place to come together in celebration, learning, and worship.

Food Bank

Donations to our Food Bank are accepted online via Paypal, or by using our printable donation form, available below.

BIC Food Bank

Group goal: 38000.00 USD Raised: 1441.00 USD 3.79% Raised: 1441.00 USD 3.79%

Feeding those less fortunate from out of the means graciously made available to us is among the best forms of charity. We have been blessed by Allah, Most High, and we want to spend out of those blessings to build a Food Bank to help less fortunate members of our community have access to clean, healthy food.

To donate by mail, please download and print our donation form.

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